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LifeStory June 2014

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LifeStory June 2014

Hi and thanks for taking the time to read our newsletter. Again in 2014 we’ve been really focussed on trying to keep things fresh and interesting for our members by introducing new classes like Hardcore, Tabata and LeanFit. We are also really pleased to have introduced our Fitness App making it easier for you to access your GE timetable, book PT sessions and RHQ classes, with versions on Google Play and iTunes we have most smart phones covered, just search Lifestylegym Fitplan.

Industry-wise it’s great to see that once again Lifestyle got a jump on the other gyms with our Small Group Personal Training program (Results HQ). Our focus on group training has paid dividends as displayed in a recent Facebook Survey where 85% of respondents either participated in GE classes or RHQ sessions or both, this correlated with 82% of respondents answering that they were achieving the results they wanted. To us that’s hugely satisfying a true testament to the quality of our programs and the belief we have that training in a group gets results faster.

Another big thanks to those members who are sharing their inspirational stories in this e-newsletter and a shout out to those on the team that are making this possible. I also want to congratulate Taryn Ryan, Michael McIlvride and Eddie Maunsell who have all stepped up and completed Lifestyle’s rigorous Personal Training cadetship to become fulltime one-on-one Trainers.

As a sports fan it’s been challenging finding time to train as often as normal. The MySky has been in overtime recording the Hockey World Cup, the Junior World Champs for Rugby and now the biggest event on the planet, the Football World Cup! Luckily I drew Costa Rica in the sweepstake so I won’t have to follow it for too long!

Good luck to everyone that is participating in the Wellington Marathon this weekend, this is another event that we sponsor via MDJ promotions and the event director has told me that the numbers are the highest ever!


What’s been happening at the Club:


OK, we all know working out with a mate is way more fun, plus it gives you the opportunity to catch up and maybe even work a little bit harder. So to help you stay motivated, were offering all our members the chance to workout with a mate at Lifestyle, FREE, for one week! You get the chance to show them how great Lifestyle is, and you might even score $50 Club Credit at the end of it if your mate joins with us! Terms and conditions apply, see your local Club for more information.

LEANFIT RESULTS ROCK! LeanFit, our latest team training addition has just finished its first trial round with HUGE results! Our new 8-week programme focusses on resistance training to get you leaner, fitter and more toned. To fully test this, we had one of our own RiDE and MX instructors take on the challenge with some pretty impressive results. Cherie Turton didn’t diet, but ate smarter and found a balance in her training. At the end of the 8-week programme, Cherie came away with an 8cm loss in both waist AND hips, a 4kg weight loss and an overall body fat percentage drop of a whopping 4% – an amazing achievement and a good testament to a fantastic new programme. Look out for LeanFit (and Cherie, who’s already signed up for the next round), coming to Upper Hutt and Wellington soon!  

REFER A FRIEND AND GET $50 CLUB CREDIT! Got any mates who’re suffering from a dose of the winter blues? Bring them into the club to get re-energized and motivated and for every friend who joins us, you’ll get a $50 club credit to spend at Lifestyle. Plus, you can now spend your Club Credits on Personal Training, Small Group Training (Results HQ) and even on items in the Pro Shop – a great way to get a discount on your supplements – AND you get a workout buddy too!  

HAVOC PRE WORKOUT FORMULA ($10 at the Pro Shop). If you want to lift your workout and are interested in giving supplements a go, check out our mini-tubs of HAVOC pre-workout formula. At just $10 you get the chance to try before you buy with three serves in each tub. Just one scoop with 200mls water 20-30 minutes before your workout and see the difference! Amplify your power, sharpen your mental focus and generate bigger pumps with HAVOC’s superior blend of four genuine muscle pump enhancing nitric oxide stimulants to help take your workout to its maximum. Ask at Reception for more details and grab a tub!

GET READY FOR THE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS! The Lifestyle Swim School will be running two intensive block courses over the school holidays. These block courses provide an ideal opportunity for students to solidify their skills and show strong improvement over a short period of time (plus you can even do a workout while they learn!). Classes will run in the mornings.

  • Wednesday July 9 – Saturday July 12
    (4-day course)
  • Monday July 14 – Saturday July 19
    (6-day course)

For more information on the block courses or to book your child in, contact Andi at our Wellington Club on 499 0032. 

BECOME A FASTER, MORE EFFICIENT SWIMMER WITH ONE-ON-ONE COACHING. Want to stay one step ahead of your kids and gain the confidence to have fun with them in the water? Looking for a new challenge coming into the warmer weather? Lifestyle in Wellington now offer private one-on-one adult lessons! Our experienced team of instructors can help you overcome your fears, improve your swimming skills and technique and develop your water confidence. Private lessons are tailor-made t o meet your needs and our small quiet pool provides an optimal setting to develop your swimming skills.

Keen to learn more? Email or call us at our Wellington Club on 499 0032. 

SWIM SQUADS ARE BACK! In July our Wellington Club will be bringing back Adult Swim Squads. The squads are geared towards intermediate and advanced swimmers who are looking for an encouraging and supportive group in which you will improve your fitness, technique, efficiency and speed. The swim squads will swim involve two 45 minute sessions per week.

Email us at for more information! 

BRIDGET’S DOING AN AWESOME JOB! You might have seen our latest Results HQ Hero Bridget Cheesman’s weekly posts on our Facebook page. Bridget has taken on the challenge of doing Small Group Training three times a week to see if she can get the results she’s looking for and if Results HQ is the way to get her there. The good news is that Bridget is at week three and is already seeing some pretty good results – in terms of her old jeans are back!! Well done Bridget, you’re doing a super job, keep it up! If you’d like to keep an eye on Bridget’s progress, catch her on our Facebook page. 

RUNSQUAD TAKES IT UP A GEAR! Lower Hutt Club has also trialled a new team training programme called RunSquad in the lead up to the Wellington Marathon. RunSquad takes those both new to running and the more seasoned runner and aims to get them their PB in just 8 weeks of training. The programme includes two small group training sessions per week along with a running schedule and group runs, providing a supportive group environment to help you achieve your 10km goals. We wish our RunSquad members all the very best of luck and look forward to seeing them compete in June. 

TELL US ABOUT WHAT MATTERS TO YOU! We’re running a survey to find out what’s important to our members when they’re striving to achieve their fitness goals. We know how hard that journey can be so we’re trying to find out what we can do to help you on your journey. If you’re keen to take part, click here and let us know. The survey takes less then five minutes and you’ll be helping us make Lifestyle a better place to workout! 

LADIES! HAVING HORMONE ISSUES? Our Lower Hutt Club are hosting a FREE information evening on Friday 27th June at 6.30 in Cure Café (next door to our Lower Hutt Club) with Janet Comeskey, Naturopath and Medical Herbalist with over 30 years experience in both mainstream and alternative therapies. Come along and learn about the changes and transitions women move through, understand the changes from puberty, child-bearing years, pre-menopause and menopause. This information evening will provide youw tih te knoeldge to best help yourself through lifestyle, dietary and herbal medicinal supplements.

Know someone else who’d be interested in coming? Great, bring them along – non members are also welcome. Registration desk is at Lower Hutt Reception – sign up next time you’re in, or give us a call on 569 6664 and we’ll do it for you!

HAS YOUR PT, FITNESS CONSULTANT OR PERSONAL TRAINER GONE THE EXTRA MILE? The New Zealand Fitness Award nominations are now open, so if you’d like to make sure your Personal Trainer, Gym Instructor of Group Exercicse Instructor or any of Lifestyle staff gets recognised for the hard work they put in to ensure you reach your fitness goals, this is a perfect avenue to do it. Find out more information on how to nominate at or call 0800 66 88 11.

‘GO TROPPO’ IN UPPER HUTT! Forget all about winter, pull out the glad rags and come along to the 7’s Bar on King Street in Upper Hutt on the 5th July at 7.30pm for our rather tropical Mid-Winter Party! With a happy hour from 8pm and light nibbles provided you’d better get in quick. You can pick up your $10 tickets from Reception in Upper Hutt, so mark the dates in your diaries and pick up your tickets next time you’re in the Club. 



ARMSTRONG MOTOR GROUP WELLINGTON MARATHON – Sunday 22 June 2014. Registrations are still open for the Wellington Marathon, half marathon and 10k. Special mention to the Runsquad members in Lower Hutt who are building up their distances each week to this race! Find out more and book online at

TOUGH GUY AND GAL CHALLENGE – Think you’re tough? Tough enough to run through water trails, crawl under barbed wire obstacles, slog through swamp crossings, bash your way through bush trails, hill climbs and a rope bridge all thrown into the mix? 6 km (one lap) or 12 km (two laps) options are available.

  • Thursday 24th July – Tough Kids
  • Friday 25th July – Secondary Schools Challenge
  • Saturday 26th July – 12k, 6k
  • Sunday 27th July – 12k, 6k

Find out more or book online at



This is my story (or part of it anyway). I’m Susan Jamieson, a member who frequents both Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt gyms. I have been a member of a gym on and off over 30 years in three cities. Lifestyle has been my gym for a number of years now. I participated in group exercise sessions – lunchtimes and early evenings, and some Drop A Dress Size (DADS) programmes I was comfortable.

2012 and a family holiday in Australia pretty much changed all that. I discovered that even though I was fit I could not hold myself up when sea kayaking – my core was not strong; my breathing difficult. Tracy became my personal trainer and I set a goal – to compete in the Lake Taupo Cycle challenge (as part of a 4 person relay team). After months of training which increased in intensity I completed my goal – it wasn’t easy but I did it!

2013 and I set a new goal – to walk the Tongariro Crossing on Labour Weekend and do some more hard training. Tracy continued as my personal trainer, I started Results HQ SBT and all was going well – NOT! At the same time life became an emotional roller coaster, work stress levels were high, medical issues arose, I had a knee injury and a Surgeon telling me to lose weight! Energy in had to be less that energy out – it was simple! And I still had my goal but I couldn’t even get under my desk during earthquakes.

Life was not good – Tracy was right beside me however; working with me on my rehabilitation and giving me alternative exercises to do. Eventually I started back at RHQ SBT at both Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt, modifying exercises when needed. I didn’t complete the Tongariro Crossing in one day but you know what I can say – I walked the equivalent distance by trekking in and out from both ends and around a lake. I have continued my RHQ SBT and have included metabolic blast in my weekly routine; I also completed a DADS session and was happy with my results.

We have just returned from our holiday in high temperatures. We walked for hours at a time and thanks to the intensive training with Jo and Tracy which increased my fitness and strengthened my muscles around the injured knee to help cope with the arthritis. I had a wonderful holiday.

I am ready to start my next journey with Tracy. My knee still twinges every now and again and I still have some medical issues. I will continue with RHQ SBT (and get even fitter and stronger) and with Tracy (when I started my personal training I couldn’t even hold a prone hold – you should see me now); for the last year my RiDE sessions were all on the saddle now I am riding both up and down; Metabolic Blast is a blast and Mobility is a must. I don’t want any exercises made easier for me just modified if required; I don’t want an instructor to look at me and make assumptions that I am not capable – I want to work hard and get results and I want to do it all with supportive trainers and with my wonderful SBT peeps.

Most importantly I want to have fun and laugh!



When I was pregnant with my first child, I swam 6 days a week and just 6 weeks after Rhiannon was born, I was pretty much back to my pre-baby weight. When I was pregnant with Mali, baby no. 2, I only swam 3 days a week and my return to pre-baby body was much longer and harder work. Then along came Gweni, baby no. 3. I had a bit of a rough pregnancy and two beautiful girls to chase after which left very little time for exercise, thus my return to pre-baby weight was just about non-existent!

So when I came home from the UK with a three month old, a 2 and 5 year old, I was happy, tired and plump! I needed a gym – preferably with a kids area! I did a bit of a Hutt ‘gym crawl’. Tried out Les Mills where I even did a fitness test – needless to say it was a bit daunting and I came away with a 49% body fat result and a weight that was too close to 90kg for my liking – for someone who’d always exercised, this was quite crushing, but a starting point. I took up a trial at Lifestyle Health & Fitness, loved it and joined – now all I needed with a gym buddy. I ‘convinced’ my bestie to join up too and between us we set about getting back into shape. It worked really well, a slow steady slog which got bumped up a bit as my partner of 15 years and I decided to finally marry. The big day was great, I totally loved it and we had a blast. And then the big day passed and I still wasn’t quite where I wanted to be. I decided it was time to give Drop A Dress Size (DADS) a go. I always thought I gave 100% when I worked out – boy was I wrong! DADS changed the way I viewed a hard workout. What I thought was hard was clearly not! I met some lovely ladies and together we supported each other, challenged each other and did a cracking job of dropping weight!

Huge thanks to Straddy for getting me on the path I needed, he was always encouraging, inspiring and had a way to push us just that little bit further each time. I loved it. I signed up to two further rounds of DADS out in Lower Hutt with Sha and that bought me closer to my goal. The training style was awesome, I loved that I was coming out of a session knowing I had worked as hard as I possibly could and more importantly, I was getting results. After DADS I combined POD training with Sha and Results HQ and I even started to see muscles!!

I’m now two years down the track from that daunting piece of paper saying I had 49% body fat and I’m proud to say I’ve not only dropped 15kg since then, but my body fat is now a respectable 27%. Better than that though, I’m fit, I’m strong and I love running round having races with my beautiful girls (don’t worry, I always let them win!). Thanks Lifestyle for not only giving me back my body, but for making me feel strong again!

Sonya (yes, she’s the one lying down) and her Tabata buddies after a special ‘John Walker’ themed session. Sonya has left Lifestyle to return to Wales with her husband, proud Welshman Alwyn, and their family. We wish them all the best!



Hi, my name is Julie and this is my story so far.

I started at Lifestyle Health & Fitness Wellington back in July 2013. Before that I was doing yoga classes because I was told that yoga could also help you lose weight and tone your body. That didn’t happen for me plus I was getting bored in doing the same thing day in and day out. So I decided to join a gym, lucky for me there was one just across the road from where I worked so going in my lunchtime wasn’t going to be a problem. When I first started I was only going 3 days a week thinking that this was going to be OK. It was only when I started going 5 days a week, changed my eating habits, doing classes and listening to the trainers that things started to move. Back when I first started I had a 12 week course with a trainer and weighed in at 94.3k, 10 months down the track I am pleased to say that I have lost 7.7k. My aim at this moment is to lose 10k before my year is up. Slow and steady does it.

I would like to say a big thanks to all staff, trainers and even the people that are at the gym when I am. It is amazing the boost and confidence you get from these people even through just talking to them, and it makes you want to keep on coming back. Thank you Lifestyle!


Don’t forget to check out the iTunes and GooglePlay shops and grab your FREE copy of Lifestylegym Fitplan!

See you all at the Club!

LifeStory November 2013

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LifeStory June/July 2013

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The sudden cold snap has signalled the end of the great run of weather we’ve been having so I guess most of us will retreat indoors more often to train. For me this has meant getting back in the pool a couple of times a week with my mate and participating in a couple of RAW sessions a week, both I enjoy and expect will help me keep a good base fitness over the next few months. It’s fair to say that endurance training hasn’t fully prepared me for the RAW sessions with most new workouts reintroducing me to muscles that I forgot existed! I’ve been promised by fellow participants that I’ll be fine after a few sessions and I look forward to that time.

Again this season we have some new offerings to keep your training fresh and motivating, keep an eye out in particular for the introduction of GE classes “Freestyle’ and our all-new 2SR Step Resistance class. I know that the trial classes were a huge success and the launch is widely anticipated. Continue reading →

New Format Release Dates for GE

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Lifestyle on show again at Better Home & Living Show!

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Hey guys! We’ll see you all at the Better Home & Living Show at the Westpac Stadium this weekend! You can catch the team this Friday, Saturday and Sunday on Aisle 33 or our Demo Stage (Aisle 22)! You can download a timetable of the Demo Stage events here.

Make sure you grab a copy of our Two for One Entry Voucher here.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

LifeStory April/May 2013

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All Systems Go!

After a pretty frantic start to 2013 we are pleased to announce that our Wellington Clubs have been successfully integrated into our remaining and fully refurbished site on The Terrace.

Thanks to all those Wellington members who have stuck with us through the disruption since late last year. Judging by the positive feedback shared with me at our reopening function it’s been worth the wait. Continue reading →

Easter Holiday Hours

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This Easter our Lower Hutt and Wellington Clubs are observing our normal Public Holiday hours. Our Upper Hutt Club is closed on Good Friday, but has normal Public Holiday hours over the remainder of the Easter break. Continue reading →

WiN an Easter Basket full of goodies worth $350, the more GE the more chances of winning!

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WiN an Easter Basket with GE starts Monday 25th, prize drawn Good Friday at Lower Hutt Club….click here to find out more

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THE POOL IS NOW OPEN, grab your togs…and head to your newly renovated Wellington Club at 154 The Terrace!

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Lifestyle Swim 2013 Class Details

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If you would like to enquire about our Swim School our club on The Terrace, please see here SWIM 2013 level doc for website for information on all our Swim Class Levels and Descriptions.  Please contact or call Sue or Deanna on 499 0032 for Term Start details.

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