MY STORY - Adam Walkinshaw

I first started going to Lifestyle Upper Hutt after visiting their stall at the March Madness fair.

I decided that about a month after my partner of six years left me, that it was time to get in shape as I was available again and wanted to look my best.

I remember going into a consultation with Sue on my first visit and saying to her "I want abs to shove in my ex's face"!!

After a couple of months, I slowly started to build the amount of time I was going to the gym which started off at twice a week.

I now go to the gym five days per week and I also do 8 classes a week with a combination of suspended body training, Ride and BoxSquad. 

I love going to the gym because it makes me feel good in myself and because of all the friendly staff. Shayna at the front desk always greets me at the door and constantly motivates me.

Sue checks in with me and makes sure Im not pushing myself too much !

Lauren inspires me and encourages me to more (haha)

Emma, Amie and Dave always push me to new levels in classes with challenges that I never thought I would achieve. They constantly encourage and motivate me.

Its not only these things but also the regular members that always ask how I am and encourage me to keep coming back.




Past Members of Month

Bren Davidson

Steve Mahoney

Mike Perry