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We are open



We are open





At Lifestyle Health & Fitness you can expect to work out with a comprehensive range of exercise equipment, modern facilities and no crazy overcrowding. More importantly it’s the unpretentious and friendly staff and members that give our club the welcoming and vibrant buzz that make it such great place to work out.

Whether you’re joining us to keep fit and healthy or you’re on a mission to lose weight, build muscle, get fitter, faster, stronger or rehab an injury, our Personal Trainers and Group Exercise classes will ensure you get the best results from your time spent at the gym.

On a Health and Fitness mission? We’ve got all the tools you need to make it happen. With loads of classes and small group training you’ll share the journey with like-minded individuals.

Use our online booking system to make appointments and enrol in your favourite session while on the go.

Located in central Upper Hutt, our club is locally owned, operated and designed to serve the local community. Our club is warm and inviting, come in out of the cold and train with us! 

Large uncrowded weights floor area with a range of free weights and machines

* Extensive group exercise timetable, specially tailored to meet all fitness levels, ages and abilities

* Supervised child minding facility - available weekdays 9:15am - 10:45am

* Small group training studio featuring suspension trainers available in SBT classes

* Functional training area including an Olympic lifting platform

* Full range of cardio equipment



May Membership deal

May Membership deal




Join now for 12 months and receive your first month FREE !

 This membership gives you:

* FREE appointment with one of our fitness consultants to get you started

* 2 x FREE Personal Training sessions

* Full access to the weights floor

* Full access to all cardio equipment and our functional training area which includes an Olympic lifting platform

* Full access to all group exercise classes including Ride & SBT

Contact us today to find out more!

Please contact reception for further membership offers - we will work with you to find the best membership option that suits your needs !!

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Results HQ

Results HQ

Photo by TheNewGuy03/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by TheNewGuy03/iStock / Getty Images


Love a hard sweat sesh? Enjoy training with others? Want to push yourself to your limits? Why not try one of our circuit classes on offer throughout the week. Take your pick out of 3 different classes.

Boxfit - Increase your strength and fitness and relieve stress in this easy-to-follow boxing and bodyweight circuit training class. Minimal co-ordination required.

Crossfire - A small group circuit class utilizing bootcamp style movements including tyres, sleds, battle ropes, cardio drills and much more to get you burning calories fast.

Impact - An intense 30-minute anaerobic circuit class incorporating a mixture of resistance work, body weight, muscular endurance and cardio based training. Workouts can be AMRAP, EMOM or for time. This is for you if you want to test your limits, non-stop sweat and burn calories.  

Places for these classes are limited so to secure your spot, please book online or call reception.

Not a member? Come in for a 7 day free trial or pay a $5 casual fee per class.




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New Page

New Page

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We have opened up RHQ to be included in a standard adult membership, so now all members can get involved and make SBT a part of their training with no added cost.

SBT is a form of resistance training that includes exercises using your own bodyweight. This class is heavily focused around developing strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability simultaneously.

This is still a small group session, so make sure to book in quick to secure your spot.

Not a member? Don’t panic. This class is also open to non - members who can pay a $6 casual fee per class.

Personal training

Personal training


Book Personal Training with us

We now have four experienced personal trainers working with us.

Independent studies reveal that 80% of people that work out regularly with a personal trainer achieve better results, faster! is you are new to training in the gym then getting the right guidance early on will set the platform for good technique and great training habits. Your Lifestyle trainer will assess your current fitness levels, help you set smart goals and design a personalised programme that they will work on with you, providing ongoing assistance.

Regardless of your goal, age or level of experience, you will benefit from working with a Lifestyle personal trainer.

Contact us today to make an appointment with one of our highly trained and experienced personal trainers.


Member of the Month

Member of the Month





Five years ago I was focussed on strength training for strong man competitions. 

I then got full time care of my five children, and along with business commitments,  my training came to a grinding holt,  as there was just not enough hours in the day.

Over the next few years my strength and fitness dropped and in addition to that I gained an extra 10 kgs (and not made up of muscle unfortunately) With the lack of training came a drop in fitness and I suffered fatigue to the point I would be falling asleep at 10.30am sitting in my office. I was exhausted after only a couple of hours of non strenuous activity and full of aches and pains. This came as a wake up call that it was time to do something.

I joined Lifestyle Health and Fitness, after knowing Amie and Emma as their phone and internet provider since they opened the gym.

I never in all my past training days, thought I would ever be caught dead in group trainings sessions. However,I was convinced to do a RAW class and walked out of there completely smashed after being shown how it was done by a group of very fit ladies.

This impacted my pride so I was then determined to not give up, or stop doing that class. SInce that time I have increased my classes to 9 per week which include, RAW, Tabata Ride, Crossfire, BoxFit, BoxSquad, Stretch and anything else I get talked into!

After only four months of training at Lifestyle I have lost 12 kilos and am probably trhe fittest I have ever been. The pains, fatigue and tiredness are well gone. I give alot of this credit to the amazing trainers that have inspired, encouraged and given me a nudge to push a little harder when needed.

In addition to this I have never trained in a gym with such a positive atmosphere - where members and staff are super friendly and encouraging.

To all those people who have helped me - thank you. To those of you reading this wondering whether you should come and give it a go, DO IT. You wont regret it.

Cheers, Mark.





Past Members of Month

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Bren Davidson

Steve Mahoney

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