Join our walk with ‘Sisters In Arms’ raising money for CanTeen! Leaving UH Club 8.30am this Saturday 14th April on our journey to LH Club

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Hey everyone!

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Just a reminder about our walk with ‘Sisters In Arms’ raising money for CanTeen! Leaving UH Club 8.30am this Saturday 14th April on our journey to LH Club (across the road on Queens Drive grass area) for a Sausie Sizzle and Zumba Display!

Please bring your Gold Coin donation and be ready to ‘Get your Walk on’!! All and everybody are welcome! The more the merrier!

And if you can’t do the walk but would like to donate please feel free by following the info below…

Travelling back you will need to jump on public transport…..I am yet to hear if the Army have enough vans…but your family/friends who aren’t doing the walk could meet you there…the aim is to be at LH Club (across road on grass outside library) around lunchtime!

See you Saturday!   This is what it is all about….

Hi everyone,
A woman on an extraordinary mission will be passing through the streets of Upper Hutt & Lower Hutt on Saturday 14th April.   Sally is retracing the footsteps of her late husband Sergeant Nathan Blackler, who walked from Auckland to Christchurch eight years ago, finishing at Burnham Military Camp, just outside of Christchurch, raising $65,000 for the Child Cancer Foundation along the way.   Nathan, who was in remission from cancer at the time of his walk, decided to complete the fundraising mission as a way of giving back to some of those who had helped him through his journey with cancer.

Sadly Nathan’s cancer returned and he passed away on March 23, 2007.
Now, five years later, his wife, her good friend Corporal Natasha Donaldson and her fundraising team, Sisters in Arms, have taken up the challenge again, this time with the funds raised going to CanTeen.    Sally, a social worker for Challenge 2000 and Youth Development Unit (YDU) South, says CanTeen is a cause close to her heart.   “I have so much admiration for the way young people tackle cancer with such strength and resilience,” she says.  “No-one should have to face that journey alone. CanTeen is a vital service for young people who need support when facing the challenges of a cancer diagnosis whether that’s as a patient or sibling.”

Sally’s walk began on Friday March 23 from CanTeen’s National Office in Auckland, where she was joined on her first leg by friends, family, CanTeen members and supporters.   Over the following six weeks she will walk more than 1000 km, around 30 km a day, with seven rest days in between, and will reach her destination, the Youth Development Unit Parade Ground at Burnham Military Camp on May 1.  She’s been hitting the streets of Christchurch for her training for the last six months, doing a programme of long distance walks, weights and cardio designed for her by an Army Physical Training Instructor, Sergeant Davey Forbes, who was a good friend of Nathan’s.   Sally, who also walked alongside Nathan in 2004, says one of the hardest things about the long haul is the mental focus you need.  She hopes to have plenty of friends around her to keep her sane though, with friends and family throughout the country to wave her on and CanTeen members from each of the major centres promising to join her as she passes through.

CanTeen is the only New Zealand peer support organisation for young people aged 13 to 24 living with cancer as a patient, sibling or bereaved sibling.

Donations can be made to Sally’s fundraising group, Sisters in Arms, or by calling 0900 4 CANTEEN to make an automatic $20 donation.

For more information visit